Squeals for Kiehl's

Tonight I was trying on skinny jeans with my sister at Bloomies (hello people Friends & Family presale!) and on my way out I gushed over this 40th Anniversary Kiehl's lip gloss packaging. Little hand drawn lip glosses. So cute.

"I want to draw cute lip glosses!" I sighed to my sister. However, sister, who left her office to try on jeans with me, had to go back to work and finish up tax returns. Needless to say I received a puzzled look.

Ahhh to draw and paint packaging all day. A dream.Some other illustrations I did for a client (note: not Kiehl's)

Window Wednesdays: Simple Details

pomme, Tribeca
pomme just opened it seems!

Bath & Body Works, Flatiron
Love the lines...

Randomness I passed this week.
We all know this poster!- Dedicated to Meghan (the pinata expert) who was walking with me and started a new job this week!



I learned about Foodzie on a wonderful design/trend call yesterday called: THE SIMPLE – Visual trends that cut through the clutter, given by Pam Grossman (Lead Americas Creative Researcher at Getty Images)! When this livecast is available to watch online I will blog more about it! She was phenomenal & I learned a lot about how Getty images jumps on trends. Reminded me why I am a designer. I love those moments. Thanks to HOW for sponsoring it!

Anyway enjoying browsing through all these homemade foods that you can buy! It's like etsy for food. Yum.


Window Wednesdays: Little Red Riding Hood

From Vogue's spreads to Prada's windows! September’s Vogue US had beautiful spreads of Little Red Riding Hood scenes. See more images at thefashiontime blog. After seeing The September Issue I know Grace Coddington was behind this one. The magazine also had a blurb saying Grace didn't realize it would be so hot inside that mask for the wolf to pose for hours! Kudos to Prada for replicating the theme!

Prada, 5th Ave


Anticipating Lonny!

Lonny magazine hits your web browser Oct 1st! I am excited to have an online magazine to sift through after so many of my home magazine friends are no longer. WWD has an article about it today and AOL's Shelter Pop covered it last week, as well. I'm also biased, as there will be an article on my bff Cait & she is whipping up some illustrations for the launch issue!


Happy New Year! L'shanah tovah!

Tonight starts the Jewish New Year 5770. Looking forward to a very creative year ahead!


Window Wednesdays: Fashion Week

Even though no particular window screams Fashion Week, I felt the windows were particularly keen on fashion this week. Even Anthropologie is welcoming all those out of towners to New York! I'd like to think they are anyway. It's been a model filled week. I've seen my share each day riding the subway or in line in front of me at Duane Reade picking up toiletry essentials. They tower over me.

Bergdorf Goodman, 5th Ave

Juicy Couture, 5th Ave

Henri Bendel, 5th Ave

GAP, 5th Ave
Special GAP store, merci now.

Anthropologie, Rockefeller