Boston Weekend Wrap-up

Enjoyed the b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l weekend weather here in Boston. Glad the weather reports were inaccurate, (not a drop of rain) so I was able to enjoy the SOWA Market, SOWA Artist Studios, the SOWA Artist Guild 450, and ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art) Museum.

Some artists I loved---
SOWA Market
Illustrator: Eric Sturtevant
Handmade Goods: TADWorks
450 Harrison
Jeweler: Amy Casher Designs
Milliner: Galvin-ized Headwear
Painter: Rachel von Roeschlaub
SOWA Art Walk
Illustrator/Painter/Muralist: Bren Bataclan

SOWA Market (great illustration on sign)

SOWA Sign (great type & graphics)

Starbucks had some great magnetic tables to interact with, while enjoying complimentary drinks!

Also got to stop by the NEW & FABULOUS store Grand. I read about it on Daily Candy and in Lucky Magazine. Great products, interiors, and the owners are super-friendly.
The ICA building is an architectural gem. I tried to capture the angles and views the space created.

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thanks for including me in your awesome blog!!!

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