Window Wednesdays: Jersey-ness

While in New Jersey this weekend I noticed some suburban window trends. Next week I'll have images from Boston! Looking forward to inspiration & Newberry Street finds.

GAP, Monmouth County, NJ
This GAP Body has a front door! The inside was also very nice. New store concepts being rolled out?
Funk&Standard, Red Bank, NJ
Funk & Standard is a favorite shop of mine in Red Bank. Urban Outfitters-esk with a small town feel. They send you home with mesh shopping bags.


DesignistDream said...

I also love this store in Red Bank! My family has a home in Bradley Beach NJ and I love some of the smaller shopping areas in nearby towns. Where were you?

adesignaffair said...

Hi I was having dinner with family in Red Bank. Love those shops. Thanks for reading up on my windows!