Summer Stamps

Looking forward to purchasing the Flags of our Nation Stamps in a few days!

The USPS will salute the flags of every state, all five territories, and the District of Columbia with the first 10 of the 60 Flags of Our Nation stamps. Starting in July, the USPS will debut the flags of Alabama through Delaware, including the Stars and Stripes. Ten more flag designs will follow, showcasing the District of Columbia through Kansas. The flag issues continue into 2009 and 2010 for a total of sixty stamp designs. Four out of the six coils of 10 will also include a Stars and Stripes definitive stamp. Each group will be arranged alphabetically in strips of 10 and sold as coils of 100 stamps.

The flag art was created by Tom Engeman of Bethany Beach, DE, under the guidance of art director Howard Paine of Delaplane, VA. Each stamp design also includes artwork that provides a snapshot view of the area represented by its flag. In most cases, an everyday scene or activity is shown, but occasionally the view is of something less commonplace — rare wildlife, perhaps, or a stunning vista.

{image from usps.com}

Don't forget about Charles and Ray in July! I'll be stocking up like nobody's business.

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