Boost of Inspiration in My City

Recently, my friend, Naomi and I went to see Robert Frank's The America's exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We also passed through Velázquez Rediscovered during our morning there. We were able to catch Roxy Paine on the Roof: Maelstrom, this summer's sculpture exhibit before it came down as well. (Which was great as Naomi had never been to the roof!). The roof is one of my favorite places to catch central park views. During our visit I mused how I don't visit the MET as often as I'd like. I have such memories there of class trips, researching college papers, inspiring visits, and attending special exhibits that have long passed. During a recent trip I organized a scavenger hunt there with Watson Adventures for my office. That visit opened my eyes to so much of the MET that is undiscovered to me (and maybe to you as well). It's truly an artist's wonderland. Well Naomi went ahead and purchased me a MEMBERSHIP to the MET for my birthday, so 2010 is clearly going to be one where I can visit as often as I like! I'm looking forward to sharing with all of you a monthly post about something 'NEW' that I see there. Stay tuned...

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