Lonny Magazine: Holiday Issue

Just flipped through the new Lonny Magazine and I am loving so many of the articles and photography. They showcased a few stores and we know how much I love visual merchandising! I also clicked through to a few objects that I thought I may want to purchase. What a great feature in an online magazine. (Especially now = holiday gift time) Check out the new issue. It keeps getting better & better. I am wondering though, where the old issue went? Do I need to start screen capturing my favorite 'looks'?

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*gemmifer* said...

Hi Sari!

I just discovered your blog through Caitlin's "My NYC Sketchbook" and love your point-of-view.

I recently posted about the newest edition of Lonny, which I am in love with. But never fear about the first issue... it's still available at:


I'm with you though, about the screen captures. I've got so many screen shots in folders on my desktop! I think I need to start printing some of them out to put in my sketchbook for inspiration.

Have a very Happy New Year!
:) Jennifer