Pricked: Extreme Embroidery

I recently visited the Museum of Arts & Design to view the latest Embroidery exhibit. It's across the street from the MOMA. I finally mustered up the patience to maneuver myself into midtown, elbow my way through the holiday tourists, all to view some EXTREME EMBROIDERY. Seriously, I get excited about the randomest things! It was definitely worth ever minute. I scrutinized ever stitch and walked away very inspired to start stitching again in 2008. My Experimental Textiles Professor in College would be very proud! I searched the web to find some of the artist's work which was displayed.

Maria E. Piñeres My Favorite!
Mark Newport
Stephen Beal
Sonya Clark
Mattia Bonetti
Elaine Reichek
Michael Brennand
Ghada Amer
Tamar Stone
Dafna Kaffeman
Carol Shinn
Sabrina Gschwandtner
Andrea Dezso
Maira Kalman
Emily Hermant
Tilleke Schwartz
Annet Couwenberg
Paul Villinski
Laura Owens
Orly Cogan
Mark NewportMaria E. Piñeres

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mattcd42 said...

Trying to tie more up to date information on these artists together I thought you'd like to see
this article on Carol Shinn.