Virtual Holiday Window Tour

It all started when I got my domino magazine last month! They did an interview with Simon Doonan about the upcoming Barney's windows. Green is the new Black! So many have been blogging, writing and videoing about the Holiday Windows these days. I wanted to virtually try and view some in cities other than New York. Last year I was lucky enough to be in London during December to view the spectacular Fortnum & Mason's window display amongst others.

Here are my favorite Holiday Window links:
[1]Fred Flare's Window Shopping Diary (great slideshow)
[2]InStyle's Gallery
[3]Chicago's Marshall Field's Windows
[4]Habituallychic for Barneys
[5]More Bergdorf Goodman Views
[6]Habituallychic for Bergdorf Goodman
[7]NYC Holiday Windows Walking Tour
[8]Forbes article about Worldwide Windows

Another great feature for more browsing is to look around on flickr for some great window photography.

Let's not forget the design firm that helps create some of these displays.

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