Top 7 of 2007

As a recap of my year and to highlight some fabulous exhibits and places I visited, (but ::gasp:: did not blog about) I am highlighting MY top seven of 2007.

[1] Ruben and Isabel Toledo, Parsons School, 03/06/07
Number one was hands down the amazing talk given by Ruben and Isabel Toledo, which I blogged about here, I didn’t type out all the inspiring quotes and knowledge Ruben gave us the first time, so here it is! I am finally taking the time to get it out of my sketchbook and put it here (it’s great advice to start off the new year.)

“hold your ground-stand by your ugly piece, as it may be your best piece-BE BRAVE-stick by your ugly duckling”

“always have to love what you do. you have to be turned on by it”

Ruben Toledo on having a style:
“This whole thing is nonsense-it is you, it is coming out of you! Or add one thing to make it cohesive-it is you-it is coming out of you. DON’T RETHINK THINGS. No lying when you are an artist. Be in touch with your senses."

“Mistakes are great. They are so much better than what you could plan for yourself.”

”Achieve success later on! Not a bad thing to struggle early on, it builds your character.”

"Stay in your own bubble as long as you can. Come out with your own ingredients. NYC is a stew."

Ruben Toledo on Illustration (More specifically someone asked him about Nordstroms as a client & how much freedom he has with the assignment):
"Special point of view. Your special view. They don’t want to change what you do. They want your DNA, your personal style. Hiring you because they like you."

[2] Body/Language: Fashion Meets Graphic Design, AIGA, 03/24/07
9am-9pm! 12 hours of intense inspiration. And Debbie kept coming out in different outfits! It was like the Academy Awards, well not quite, but to a designer it was SO MUCH MORE. The audience was packed with students and designers, many who had traveled far & wide to attend the days events. My favorites were Debbie Millman & Isaac Mizrahi just chatting - and Andy Spade talking about the Kate Spade/Jack Spade brand. He showed us an amazing video that was the mission statement>brand>lifestyle of Kate Spade. Loved, loved it! And on our way out there was Kate. Kudos to her for coming out and supporting her man. I can't wait for next years speakers.Debbie Millman and Isaac MizrahiDebbie MillmanAndy Spade

[3] The Eye of an Artist: The Work of Devorah Sperber at the Brooklyn Museum. Still in awe at how Devorah creates these masterpieces, with spools of thread. My photos speak louder than words in this case. The site actually has a great behind the scenes look at how the artwork was set up!!!! It's a must see.
[4] The Getty A great way to spend a lovely day with friends. The openness of this museum is wonderful. How very California! We took the garden tour from a knowledgable guide and enjoyed just 'being' in the Getty space. I felt cultural just sipping my tea in the outside restaurant.

[5] Chicago! well more specifically Millennium Park. I finally made my way to this phenomenal city-and spent endless hours photographing the park & all its sculptural wonder.

[6] Pricked: Extreme Embroidery I blogged about it here.

[7] Saul Steinberg: Illuminations at the Morgan Library I learned so much about Saul that I never knew. The library itself is a beautiful structure to hold art exhibits and it's free on Friday nights. They have some more great shows coming up.

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pve design said...

Totally loved this post and agree with Ruben Toledo-
"the ugly ones are the ones to love."
Those spools of thread are amazing works.